Monday, August 8, 2011

A new innovative and God-sent Web Based company makes internet access affordable to all AFRICANS.

Now, you can enjoy unlimited 24hrs round the clock internet access for only N3,000 ($20) monthly.

Spare me a few seconds and allow me tell you a bit of my story. MY STORY BEFORE I ENCOUNTERED THIS ‘POCKET SAVING AND STRESS RELIEVING’ COMPANY.

Ever since I received the revelation of the potentials of the internet, I have been hooked up to it. A part of that revelation is the various money making opportunities that the internet provides. And I mean ‘Legally’.

But, I would not lie to you. Other things caught my interest too. A large part of that ‘other interest’ was the possibility to download recent movies and anime cartoons (shhhh... I love cartoons).

 Before, I usually browse with the MTN N2,500 night plan. It was truly difficult to spend up to N10,000 for the 24hrs round the clock monthly plan at that time. Especially when I couldn’t afford it.

Its repercussions…
I spent every night nodding my head before my computer. Always struggling and fighting with sleep. Ma brother, man no fit cheat nature. So most nights, I was forced to bed (by sleep), only to wake-up in the morning with regrets, as if I missed a chance to win a lottery or something.

I wasn’t able also to download movies to my heart’s content. The N2,500 night plan was only limited to 3GB of internet access. So what I did was select 2 or 3 choices among the movies I which to download, then download about 2GB worth of movies, then ‘manage’ the rest 1GB for the rest of the month. Really difficult!

Since I meet this my mystery company, things changed. Now, other than the main services this company provide to their customers:
  •        Unlimited internet access (unlike what I used before, which was only a limiting 3GB)
  •        A  24hrs round the clock everyday for a month internet access

They also:
  •       Provide fast & reliable internet access
  •        Work with a strong Refund policy
  •        Provide 24hrs customer assistance

Their internet accessibility
  •        Works with most major networks
  •        Is compatible with your Windows software (you can update your antivirus, use an instant messenger – like Yahoo messenger, etc )

My internet business has never been better. Well, that’s because I sleep better now and also enjoy unlimited internet access anytime of the day.

I also enjoy movies like never before. I just recently downloaded ‘Captain America’. I’m also up to date with one of my favorite TV series ‘Lie To Me’.

And all this at what price?

Only an additional N500.

Be among the first to subscribe with this company and you would be given the chance to win for yourself, up to 3 months free subscription. This is no joke!

Chuks Nkulo aka. Superman9ja